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Once you've downloaded the Fibes App, it's time to register.

Here you see step by step how to do it.


Step 1

Once you have downloaded and installed Fibe's app, this screen will appear.

Click on "register" which is under the log in button.


step 2

Fill in your details and choose a password that contains at least 1 capital letter, number and special character
(% & # ! ?)

Click on "Sign Up"


Step 3

Continue to configure your preferences.

Click the "configure" button.


Step 4

Here you fill in the organization's details. Click on the currency EUR to choose which currency you want to see in the app.

Click on the agencies that you are a customer of and indicate which markup you want to make. If you write 100%, the prices that the agency has sent to Fibes are displayed. Feel free to start by filling in 100% at first. To later check in the app which prices are available. You can then adjust the mark-up so that it is right for you and your asking price.



You can go back and edit your settings at any time by pressing the menu bar in the top left corner. ​ Your profile then becomes visible and you press the "configure" button. ​


Here you change the currency, which agencies you are a customer of, and which markup you want.


Now you are ready to browse all the fabrics. Mark the fabrics you have by pressing the heart on the top right of a fabric. They are then collected in a separate folder - "my collection". When you have marked all your fabrics, send an email to and let them know that you are ready to receive your QR codes. Then we manufacture them and send them in a letter to the address you specify in the email.

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