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common questions

Users: QR codes

Should I print the QR codes myself?

We print all QR codes and send them to you in a letter. It costs SEK 20 per shipment.

How do you know which QR codes I should have?

You are responsible for sending us a list of which fabric samples you have with the respective agency.

What happens if a QR code is lost or destroyed?

Contact us and tell us which fabric the QR code belonged to and we will send you a new one.

My supplier has sent me a new price list. Do I need new QR codes for their samples now?

You never have to replace a QR code due to price changes. The system is automatically updated when there is a price change. The price displayed when you scan the QR code is the current price.


How much does a subscription to Fibes cost?

It costs nothing to use Fibe's app! You can scan your codes, search for fabrics and keep track of your samples completely free of charge. If you want to place your order in the app, we charge a fee of SEK 16 per sent order. You will receive an invoice from us after each month. We do this in order to continue developing the app with more functions.

Tip: If you have a tight budget, you can easily increase your markup on the fabrics in the app by 5%.

I share my workshop with another company. Do we need two subscriptions then?

You decide yourself who you want to share your login with. But you are the one on the invoice, and on the agency's invoice, if you order through the app.

Who can use Fibes App?

Anyone who works with interior fabrics and has a registered company can use the Fibes App.


How long is your commitment period?

We do not use binding periods. Exit whenever you want.

Should I create the QR codes myself?

We create and print all QR codes and send them in a letter to your customers.

How much does it cost to join Fibes?

There is no cost to join Fibe's app. If you want to get more out of the collaboration with Fibes, you can buy statistics from the scanning of the QR codes, or advertising spaces in the app.

Will everyone be able to see our prices?

No, only users who are customers of yours can see the prices. Everyone can see and browse your selection.

Do we need to do anything to be included in Fibes?

You only need to approve that we link your information. Fibes does all the work.

How do we receive orders placed through Fibe's app?

All orders placed in Fibe's app are forwarded as an email to your order reception. 

My customers' prices may look different, does it work in the app?

We are aware that customers have negotiated different prices. Your customers' purchase prices are not affected by the price displayed in the app. The user can adjust the markup themselves so that the correct price is displayed to their customers.

Do you have another question?

Erika Orvendal, CEO

+46 760 28 05 28

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