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The app for upholsterers and decorators, shops and factories. Collect all fabrics in one place and save precious time.

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Get your quote in seconds - Download Fibe's app and mark the samples you have, so you always have an eye on your fabrics. Read more under "Get Started" in the menu.

* All prices in the video

are constructed .

Latest news!

I am a finalist for this year's Innovator in Örebro!
What a huge honor to be recognized in the business world together with other exciting people and companies.
Three finalists were named in each category, where I got to straighten my back and feel smart as an innovator!

- March 2024


Learn all about how FIBES can simplify your workday.

Always updated

Collect all prices in one place and save precious time. Get access to all suppliers and their range. The system notifies you when a price changes or a product is discontinued.

Get a personal experience

Forget about constant notifications about everything and nothing. You choose which fabrics and suppliers you want to keep track of. If you also want to avoid calculating your price to the customer for each fabric, you can simply enter your general markup, and the system will calculate it for you.


Members of the Fibes Family

Producers, agencies and wholesalers included in Fibes textile bank.

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"The best tool for anyone who works with interior fabrics! So great to not have to look for prices and update all fabrics all the time. And so easy to raise or lower the price of my fabrics when needed. Takes about a second!"

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Get Fibes app now!

Together we build a better future for your business. 


"Our goal is for every user to have a smoother working day and more time for work that pays off,

which will bring in more money." - Erika, CEO FIBES Family AB.

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