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We want to help your customers. JOIN US NOW. 


For increased customer satisfaction.

We develop simple, user-friendly technology to make your work easier.

FIBES brings all your customers together in one place. So that you can automatically update about price changes and expired fabrics. We also have a smart search function that helps users find your fabrics.

FIBES keep track of what's happening at your customers shops. By getting statistics from the scanning of the QR codes on your fabric samples, you can see what is popular in different locations, or which fabrics are scanned often but not sold. And through the search history, you keep track of what your customers are interested in. So that you can quickly see which samples to show to which customer. ​


FIBES - so you can spend your time on other things.


We keep our promises

We do our best to give you a super user-friendly experience.

Quick check

Reach out with your fabrics directly to all upholsterers. And get full control of the demand.

Online Support

Get help from trained support to get started, and if you get stuck.


We use SSL to keep your information secure.


Learn everything about how FIBES can simplify your working day.

Always updated

Never miss a lead again! The system tells you what the customers are looking for, and if they are already a customer of yours, they can place their order directly in the App. It has never been easier to follow trends and offer the right product.

Get a easier experience

Now you and your customers can forget about constantly searching through long lists. We provide QR codes so that the user can mark their samples only once, and are constantly updated on all information about each sample. They just scan the QR code on the fabric sample, and the price and all the properties of the fabric are displayed. 


We have caught up with developments

Upholsterer is a rich profession that has a long and beautiful history. We at FIBES have developed a system with upholsterers and fabric suppliers in mind. We want to ensure that there is a natural meeting place for both, all year round. Where the suppliers reach out to new and existing customers, and the upholsterers easily find the fabric they are looking for. 

With FIBES you will never again have to disappoint a customer that a fabric they want to order is no longer available. We keep your customers constantly updated with prices and range.

The customer never needs to mark the price of their fabric samples again, or print price lists.

We have flexible search functions that help your customers find similar patterns, or properties of a fabric in the database. Reach out with news instantly and give exclusive offers to all potential customers - easily in the app!


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