Fibes is a street smart digital communication agency. We help our clients with communication strategy, website, campaigns, social media, content production and more.

What we do


A communication platform that are created with your goals and your budget in focus. How can we reach your target group, through which channels and how can we create engagement?

Digital channels

Choosing and setting up the digital channels that will have the best effect for your business goals and your budget. Website, newsletter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

Content production

We can help you create a image or text platform and produce texts, design elements and photos that will make you stand out in your digital channels.

Manage, publish and measure

When your strategy and channels of choice are in place we can help you run them and make sure that they meet the goals that we set up.
About us

Fibes will help you with what you need in digital communications. Are your ready for the next step and want to develop your brand presence in digital channels? Once the strategy is in place, we can help with the content production and management of social channels, newsletters and others of your daily communication activities.

When working with us you get the high quality work of an agency in a fast, flexible and structured form. Fibes was founded in 2014 by Eva Beronius. We are located in Stockholm and work with projects in Sweden and abroad. We work with all size of projects and has a great network of freelance designers, content producers and programmers.

Vibrations + Fibers = Fibes